Creative Director, Designer and Strategist, specializing in making the complex simple.

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I’m a Creative Director with global thought leadership skills in creativity, innovation, and transmedia storytelling. My main focus is the crossover between entertainment and technology across emerging media platforms.

I’m a former founding member of Google’s global brand team in Los Angeles, where I led large-scale projects to humanize technology. I also kick-started Google and YouTube’s creative think tank in Paris. Before Google, I worked in the world of advertising in five countries across three continents.

I’m currently helping good brands navigate today’s media landscape. Together, we’re building immersive experiences, products, and platforms. Stuff that makes a real difference to real people. Stuff that lovable and long-lasting.


I’m based in Los Angeles, California, but work all around the globe. Feel free to reach out in any way you’d like.

In a world where seeing is believing, people of all ages are looking for new ways to interact with their favorite stories and characters. And machine learning presents an opportunity to make this a reality.

To promote the film Pete’s Dragon, I collaborated with Disney and Google to create an augmented reality experience that uses the magic of Google Cloud Vision to let everyone play hide-and-seek with Elliot the dragon.

Via, people set out on a quest to find Elliot using their smartphones. They’re prompted to seek everyday items, such as couches, bicycles or trees, near their homes or around the neighborhood. Once they find the quest object, they can view Elliot through the lens of their phone.

Client: Google
Brand: Disney
Role: Creative Director
Production: Media Monks

The animals of Zootopia are just like us. Whether human, giraffe, or gerbil, we all need a way to manage and share our photos and videos easily.

Google Photos, both in Zootopia and IRL, is a home for all your photos, organized and brought to life so that you can share and save every memory from the big moments (weddings, newborns, birthdays) to the small ones (#letmetakeaselfie).

Inspired by Disney’s Zootopia, we gave the Google Photos app to some of the most playful animals at the LA Zoo, proving that the new app keeps photos organized and backed up, even in the wildest conditions.

1M+ Instagram followers
78M social media impressions
Featured on Jimmy Fallon & GMA

Client: Google
Brand: Disney
Role: Creative Director
Production: Deeplocal

I was part of the team at Google responsible for promoting the hotly anticipated Star Wars Episode VII across Google’s broad ecosystem of products, platforms, and services.

Working alongside Disney and Lucasfilm, we designed an immersive transmedia experience that integrated the world of Star Wars into the functionality of popular Google apps and experiences. All fans had to do was answer one simple question: light side or dark side of the Force? That single choice transformed their Gmail inbox, brought lightsabers to YouTube, added Stormtroopers, Resistance pilots, X-wings and TIE fighters to Google Maps, and much, much more.

2.5 billion social impressions
1.62 billion media impressions
Mentions in 81 countries

Client: Google
Brand: Disney
Role: Creative Director
Production: 72&Sunny, Lucasfilm, ILM, Unit 9

To promote the summer blockbuster, Tomorrowland, I collaborated with Disney to create a multiplatform experience that allows fans to immerse themselves in the story of the film. Navigate environments in 3D, explore content, play a game, and take a selfie using the photo feature.

To contribute to the backstory of Tomorrowland, we collaborated on scripts with director Brad Bird and writer Damon Lindelof to incorporate into the site. Raffey Cassidy recorded voiceovers, in her Athena character, that served as the welcoming to each environment.

Within the content for the site, we pulled from the Disney archives to include actual blueprints for “It’s A Small World” and promos for the 1966 World Fair, items that blend into the lore for how and why Tomorrowland was created.

Client: Google
Brand: Disney
Role: Creative Director
Production: Part IV

Fashion shows are incredibly elitist events attended by only the selected few; most fashion lovers around the world can’t watch the spectacle unfold.

The Flying Catwalk is the world’s first live-streamed aeronautical fashion show. The immersive experience allows everyone to participate in Fendi’s fall-winter runway show in Milan, and interact with Karl Lagerfeld’s designs from a new point of view that beats even the front row seats.

Client: Google
Brand: Fendi
Role: Creative Director
Production: Unit 9

To celebrate BMW’s centenary, I worked with Google to create a 360° interactive virtual reality experience using Google Spotlight Stories technology—the Oscar-nominated, Emmy award-winning platform for immersive stories.

Visionary puts motoring fans behind the wheel of BMW’s concept study, the VISION NEXT 100, to experience the sheer driving pleasure of the future.

Client: Google
Brand: BMW
Role: Creative Director
Production: Jong von Matt, SEHSUCHT

To hype Nissan’s first Super Bowl commercial in nearly 20 years, we collaborated with YouTube’s biggest stars to create a series of original films around the theme #withdad. Twelve custom videos celebrating Dads around the world were scripted, filmed, and then distributed across the influencers sizable audiences.

50M+ YouTube views

Client: Google, YouTube
Brand: Nissan
Role: Creative Director
Production: YouTube, TBWA\Chiat\Day

As anyone who has flown first class or checked into a top hotel knows, luxury travel is all about the little details that make the experience special. In the offline world, these details are easy to spot, making it easier for premium brands to stand out, but in the online world, it can be difficult to create the same impression.

To address this, I collaborated with Google and Jumeirah Group on a project that gives travelers from all over the world a chance to virtually explore the famous 7 star Burj Al Arab hotel and 20 other properties in the brand’s portfolio. The result, Jumeirah Inside, is the travel industry’s first fully immersive, integrated discovery and booking platform, gathering together the previously disjointed processes of inspiring and converting visitors into a single, beautiful website.

Client: Google
Brand: Jumeirah Group
Role: Creative Director
Production: Media Monks

While over 20% of Australians consider going to New Zealand, fewer than 3% actually do. Air New Zealand tasked us with changing their minds.

The Kiwi Sceptics is an online reality-show, which documented Air New Zealand’s attempts to convert ‘Kiwi Sceptics’ into advocates. We figured if we could convince the most sceptical Australians that New Zealand is a fantastic holiday destination we could convince anyone.

Each episode features a prominent critic of New Zealand. We told them they were selected to star in a program shot in a place they most wanted to visit, but then diverted them to New Zealand instead. The journeys that followed became the basis for our show.

Client: Host
Role: Copywriter
Production: Candid Films
Director: Leslie Ali

We’re all moved in different ways. What makes one person cry with laughter makes another person cry with sadness. The beautiful thing about seven billion stories is they cover the entire spectrum of emotions. Whether you feel like a laugh on that Monday morning commute, or something romantic on Saturday night, the choice is yours with SBS On Demand. You can change your world.

In this idea, we take the emotional scope of SBS's entire on-demand programming—all seven billion stories—and express them through the face of a single person in just 30 seconds. Joy, anger, sadness, surprise, humiliation, enlightenment, outrage, confusion, and more—on demand.

These moving portraits of SBS television express all the core benefits of the on-demand platform without saying a single word.

Client: JOY
Brand: SBS
Role: Art Director
Production: Exit Films, Alt.vfx
Director: Mark Molloy

The concept behind 4th Amendment Wear is simple: to get a few people to think a little more about their constitutional rights. So when the uproar began over the latest enhanced TSA security measures, we had an idea to use the TSA’s very own technology as a way to broadcast a statement.

Working with engineers and screen printing technicians, we invented a metallic ink that displays any designed image or message on the TSA scanner screens. We created the only clothing that would show the 4th Amendment (it’s a founding principal against unlawful search and seizure without a warrant) when passed through full-body scans.

What started as a small side project turned into global news, a trending brand, and led to the TSA changing the software used in full-body scanners across the country.

Gunn Report’s “World’s Most Awarded Media Campaign”
Ad Age’s “Top 5 Integrated Campaigns”

Client: 4th Amendment Wear
Role: Co-Founder, Creative Director
Production: 4th Amendment Wear

The greats of today have learned from the greats of yesterday, studying, mimicking, and eventually evolving the game. To promote the NBA Finals, we reimagined iconic playoff moments for a new generation of fans to show how the past has influenced today’s game.

Using archival footage of little-seen camera angles that only the NBA has access to and some post-production magic, we pieced together NBA plays. The experience was like watching several lost memories come together before your very eyes.

Fans got to relive, not just watch, Larry Bird's steal in 1987 and the Kobe/Shaq alley-oop from 2000 for the conference finals, and then enjoy Magic's baby hook in 1987 and Dr. J's swooping drive from the NBA Finals.

As the pictures, like memories faded away, all that was left was to ask the simple question: "Where will amazing happen this year?"

Client: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Brand: NBA
Role: Art Director
Production: Bob Industries
Director: Dayton & Faris

With the worldwide launch of 5 Gum, I strove to break out of the functional constraints of the gum category to build a global brand that teens and young adults would recognize as a legitimate and relevant part of their lives; a brand they would be proud to be seen with and share. So we created 5 to be more than just gum by tapping into a universal explorer mindset and plunging consumers into a world of sensory experimentation.

Stimulate your senses was the beginning of a new era for Wrigley. It went on to anchor every piece of 5 Gum communication for the next eight years.

“5 Gum is arguably Wrigley’s most successful launch and continues to experience significant global growth as it’s now enjoyed in 18 countries around the globe,” says Paul Chibe VP, Wrigley.

Client: AMV BBDO
Brand: Wrigley
Role: Art Director
Production: MJZ
Director: Dante Ariola

At the time, the fast-food giant was facing a PR nightmare with the release of Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Supersize Me, which had people turning off cheeseburgers in droves. Despite its best efforts to introduce healthier fare with its Salads Plus Menu, McDonald’s was also being served up as the unwilling poster child for the obesity epidemic. The ensuing campaign was a turning point, making even the die-hard cynics feel good about the brand again.

Campaign Brief’s “Top 10 Ads of the Decade”
Voted “Best Ad of the Year” by the Australian public

Client: Leo Burnett
Brand: McDonald’s
Role: Art Director
Production: Collider, Fin, Guillotine, Nylon
Director: Joel Pront